We advise any student embarking on regular tuition to have an initial assessment. Carried out by an experienced member of the team, this assessment is performed in order to create a comprehensive direction of study, and to outline areas of strength and weakness. Once the assessment has been completed, a report will be provided and the objectives communicated with the parents and tutor, ready to begin.

One-to-One Tuition

We offer regular tuition, blocks of tuition or one-off sessions depending on the individual’s needs. Each student comes to us with specific requirements, whether they need a short course in comprehension technique, or long-term preparation for the entrance examinations. Our tutors are highly qualified at working in these areas, as well as possessing the qualities necessary to successfully communicate and convey their knowledge.

Numeracy and Literacy Support

Ascent Tutors provide general support in all areas of numeracy and literacy for KS1, KS2 and KS3. We offer help to those who need supplementary assistance to schooling, along with support in specific problem areas. Those commonly seen are in: spelling, syntax, handwriting, punctuation, phonics, timing and technique.

Saturday School

We are affiliated with an exam prep centre, which boasts high success rates at getting children into their desired schools. The classes – running on a Saturday, Sunday and in school holidays – consist of small, intimate groups sourced with an experienced and knowledgeable teacher specialising in English comprehension, composition and maths. The school closely monitors the individual’s progress – filing weekly reports, carrying out assessments and arranging telephone conferences to map your child’s progress at points in the calendar. In addition, the centre performs mock examinations – mimicking those devised by schools, which allow problem areas and strengths to be identified and worked on prior to the sitting of the exams.

Pre-tests and Technique

Ascent Tutors provide one-to-one preparation for the pre-tests by familiarising children and families with the online format, process and content – ensuring that adequate computerised practice is undertaken prior to the sitting of the tests. Alongside this, we provide our own written comprehension materials that detail highly relevant – and often overlooked – comprehension techniques that are vital to success in the exams. We do the same in composition, using independent and tailored materials that teach students how to successfully prepare and write for the creative and discursive elements of the exams.

Special Educational Needs

Every child is different, and we understand that there are conditions that can inhibit the individual from progressing at the same speed as their peers. Whether it is difficulties with speech and language, dyslexia and dyspraxia, or behavioural problems, we work with a small selection of commendable professionals who are able to offer help.

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