Who are we?

Ascent Tutors is an accomplished group of teachers and tutors who specialise in the preparation of students for Common Entrance Examinations, specifically the 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+. Our educators are highly skilled in numeracy, literacy and reasoning, have strong and varied academic and employment backgrounds, and just as importantly, possess the traits necessary to communicate and convey their knowledge to young minds. We are experienced with the academic level required to gain entrance into top, prestigious schools and we offer realistic programmes of support covering all areas of the process, whilst guiding parents along the way. Many of our past students have successfully achieved places at schools such as Westminster, St Paul’s, Harrow, Eton and King’s.

Our thoughts on Entrance Examinations

We believe it is important to identify that the material in entrance examinations – although complemented by schoolwork – should be considered as a separate entity when it comes to preparation. Due to the high demand for places and level of competition between those seeking a place into top schools, children need to learn the fundamentals, along with the techniques and application of skills to succeed. Our aim is to assess children as a whole, to build confidence, and set realistic goals for parents and students to follow. In correlation with academic preparation, we coach individuals so they’re ready to face the interview process and open days, and are fully up-to-date with the requirements and protocol set out by the schools.