Whether it’s an exam paper, assessment or homework assignment, you send us your child’s completed work and our experienced tutors will provide rapid and professional marking and feedback to establish whether your child is on track to achieve entry to the school of their choice.

How well is my child doing?

Evaluating your child’s work is important for gauging their performance against the standards set by destination schools and against the performance of their peers. We understand, however, that as a parent, making an accurate assessment of your child’s progress based on their written work can be daunting. When it comes to English, marking schemes are complex and identifying evidence of competency in creative writing, for example, can seem impossible.

We know what schools are looking for.

With a decade of experience in preparing pupils for all major entrance exams, our professional tutors have in-depth knowledge of the age-specific skills your child is required to demonstrate in their work, as well as unrivalled insight into the standards achieved by those who are currently successful. We will not only benchmark your child’s performance but also identify strengths and weaknesses to determine the focus of future work, accelerating progress and maximising your child’s chances of success.