Expatriate Families

A number of our clients are families entering the British Educational System for the first time, and require a clear insight in how to address the prospect of admissions into competitive, independent schools. There is often a lot of uncertainty surrounding which route to follow and where to get help, along with dealing with additional obstacles, for example English not being your child’s first language.

We provide English language tuition, either before or after families relocate, ensuring the fundamentals are learnt whilst equipping students for the change. As well as English, we familiarise children with the terminology and techniques that they are likely to face in other subjects, for example, numeracy and science – suitably adjusting them for the move to a British school.

Short-term Assignments of 1-2 weeks

Ascent Tutors serve numerous international families across the globe, and we consider ourselves unique in the specialisation of 1-2 week placements, or even assignments lasting just a few days. We pride ourselves on sourcing excellent, experienced educators to suit your needs at short notice, whilst achieving what’s required in the time frame provided. For your international enquiries, please get in contact.

Holiday and Residential Tutors

We are available to undertake holiday or residential assignments in the UK and abroad. We offer relocation packages – preparing students for the move to a British school – along with programmes of study in the run up to an exam. In addition, we offer support in numeracy and literacy – often if a child is behind at school or has missed classes. In other cases, families who work regularly outside the UK, or who travel in school holidays require our services to maintain the regularity of tuition, or to use the holidays as an opportunity for their child to catch-up on missed work.